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Introduction to the School of Computer and Information Technology

The School of Computer and Information Technology was established in 2001. Its predecessor was the Department of Computer Science, established in 1994, and it originated from the electronic computer station of the Daqing Petroleum Institute, established in 1978. Over the years, the school has always adhered to the school's running concept of "inheriting Daqing Spirit and cultivating IT elites," focusing on the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, insisting on taking students as the center, actively doing a good job of teaching and educating people, and has trained nearly 10,000 graduates for the country and society. The school has a provincial leading talent echelon in computer application technology, a provincial key laboratory for big petroleum data and intelligent analysis, a provincial experimental demonstration center, a provincial teaching team, and other platforms.

At present, the school has doctoral programs in computer technology and resource information engineering (subordinate to the first-class discipline of geological resources and geological engineering), four master's programs (computer science and technology, software engineering, educational technology, computer technology, and resource information engineering), and one master's degree authorization program in electronic information. Among them, computer science and technology (primary discipline) and software engineering (primary discipline) are key disciplines at the university level. The school has five undergraduate majors in computer science and technology, software engineering, data science and big data technology, internet of things engineering, and educational technology. At the same time, we undertake the primary computer teaching and experimental tasks for non-computer majors in the university. Computer science, technology, and software engineering are national first-class professional construction sites. Meanwhile, computer science and technology have become a characteristic national specialty, an excellent national engineer training program specialty, a provincial comprehensive reform pilot specialty, and a provincial fundamental specialty.

The school currently has 109 faculty members of various types. It has echelons in the research direction of "artificial intelligence and its application", "computer vision information processing", "advanced computing technology", "data science and knowledge engineering", "big data and software engineering", "advanced computer systems" and so on. The integration mechanism of teaching, scientific research, and teacher training with the subject research direction echelon as the main body tends to be perfect.

The school always adheres to the principle of "student-oriented, nurturing people first", closely combining the characteristics of student work and professional features, taking guidance education and service for students as the purpose, focusing on party building, emphasizing academic style, strengthening practice, ensuring employment, actively carrying out student education, promoting student development, regulating student behavior, improving student quality, and doing a good job of student guidance and service. At present, there are 1,687 students, including 1,498 undergraduates, 181 master's students, and 8 doctoral students.

At present, the new leadership team of the school is gathering the wisdom of teachers and students, relying on the strategic layout of "one university and three places" and the construction of new engineering, taking advantage of being located in the Daqing oil field, cracking the key elements that restrict the high-level development of the school and promoting the comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development of the school's work.

Through reform and innovation, we can improve the level of disciplines and specialties. enhance the quality of training and cognition development the quality of the faculty and academic level. Grapple with the work of teaching and educating people. actively train IT talents for the country and society. Strive to build a high-level, well-known education and research-oriented school with similar domestic institutions.

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