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Introduction to the School of Civil & Architecture Engineering

The School of Civil and Architectural Engineering at Northeast Petroleum University was established and started enrolling undergraduate students in 1975. In 1987, it resumed enrolling undergraduate students. The Department of Civil Engineering was set up in 1994 and developed into the School of Civil and Architectural Engineering in 2001.

The school currently consists of four departments: the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Building Environment and Thermal Engineering, the Department of Architecture, and the Department of Municipal Engineering. Five undergraduate specialties are included: Civil Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, and Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering. Civil Engineering was selected as a national first-class undergraduate major, and together with building environment and energy application engineering, they are known as key undergraduate programs in Heilongjiang Province. In addition, it has passed International Certification in Engineering Education under the Washington Accord. In terms of master's education, it is qualified to award Master of Science in Civil Engineering and Professional Master in Civil and Hydraulic Engineering.

The school currently has 76 faculty members and 65 professional teachers. Among them, there are 16 professors and 37 associate professors. Among the experienced teachers, there are 26 with doctorate degrees and 42 with master's degrees. 93.75% of the full-time teachers have master's degrees or above. There are currently 1,653 students, including 6 doctoral students, 210 master's students, and 1,437 undergraduates.

The school has been committed to developing and constructing disciplines and majors, and the fields and majors have grown rapidly. There is 1 Heilongjiang Provincial Key Discipline (Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics), 1 School-Level Key Discipline (Civil Engineering), 1 Key Laboratory of the Department of Education of Heilongjiang Province (Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and Protection Engineering Laboratory), 1 Building Energy Efficiency Evaluation Center of the Construction Department of Heilongjiang Province, 2 leading talent echelons of Heilongjiang Province, 1 doctoral program, 2 master's degree authorized first-level disciplines, 9 master's programs, 1 field of engineering master's, and 5 undergraduate majors.

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