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School of Mathematics and Statistic

The School of Mathematics and Statistics is one of the oldest schools at Northeast Petroleum University. The Mathematics Teaching and Research Department was established when NEPU was founded in 1960 and later evolved into an independent Mathematics Department in 1994. In 2005, it was upgraded to become the School of Mathematics Science and Technology. It was renamed the School of Mathematics and Statistics in 2014. The school currently has 43 faculty members, including 7 professors, 23 associate professors, 12 lecturers, and over 500 undergraduate and graduate students.

The school's mission is to cultivate talents in applied mathematics and statistics, to provide high-quality public courses for undergraduates and graduates of the entire university, and to organize and train the students for their participation in CUMCM (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling), CMC (The Chinese Mathematics Competitions), and the Data Mining Competition.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics consists of three departments and two centers. They are the Department of Applied Mathematics, the Department of Information and Computational Science, the University Mathematics Teaching Department, the Data Science Center, and the Non-linear Studies Center. The school offers three undergraduate majors: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computational Science, and Applied Statistics.

Mathematics has been acknowledged as the First-level Discipline authorized to grant a master's degree. The school accepts master students in various fields, including Non-linear Optimization, Mathematical Physics, Graphics, Image Processing, Data Mining, Applied Statistics, and Mathematical Application in Petroleum.

Our students have obtained two international first prizes, over 20 state-level first and second prizes, and more than 50 awards at provincial and ministerial levels in international and domestic Mathematical Modeling Contest.

A research center has been set up in the School, including Computational Mathematics Lab, Data Mining Lab, and Mathematical Finance Lab. The labs have over 140 computers, 6 servers, 3 workstations, and an integrated experiment teaching software platform. The School owns its specific library with more than 5000 books.

Our faculties emphasize both teaching and scientific research, and these two aspects help each other go forward. Our research teams in Mathematical Physics, financial statistics, and Data Mining have kept expanding in recent years. They have achieved remarkable performance in various fields, including Mathematical Physics, Optimization Theory and Application, Graphics and Image Processing, and Petroleum Mathematics, with more than 60 articles published in SCI journals. There are 2 commentators for the US journal Mathematical Reviews and one editorial board member for the international journals: Journal of Chinese Mathematics—Mathematical Analysis and World Scientific Journal—Mathematical Analysis. The faculty has hosted over 70 scientific research topics and won 3 scientific awards at both the provincial and ministerial levels.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics provides a fair and stimulating environment for our faculty members to teach and conduct scientific research. In the face of new challenges and opportunities for future growth, the school will be in full swing with top-level discipline construction and more excellent talent cultivation, demonstrating our hard-working and perseverant spirit.

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