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Introduction of School of Marxism

The School of Marxism at Northeast Petroleum University (NEPU) was founded in March, 2011. It undertakes the teaching and research tasks of the three levels of ideological and political theory courses for undergraduates, masters, and doctors, as well as the first-level master discipline of Marxist Theory. In 2020, it was approved to be a key part of the construction of the School of Marxism in Heilongjiang Province. It has the university's key discipline—the first-level discipline of Marxist Theory, and five second-level master disciplines. There are seven teaching and research sections, including the Basic Principles of Marxism, Introduction to Maoism and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Ideology and Morality, Rule of Law, Outline of Modern Chinese History, Situation, and Policy, Introduction to Xi Jinping’s Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era, and the Postgraduate Ideological and Political Theory Course. The Daqing Spirit Research Base is Heilongjiang Province's key liberal arts base, as well as the key philosophical and social science bases.The School of Marxism has a teaching team with reasonable educational structure, high-level instruction, and strong research capability. There are 60 full-time teachers, including 11 professors, 16 associate professors, and 29 master supervisors, which include seven external mentors and five mentors for external cooperation. There are nine teachers with the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, and ten more teachers are studying for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Many teachers have won honorary titles, such as Influential People nominated by the Ministry of Education for ideological and political theory teachers in universities, Famous Teachers in Heilongjiang Province, Young Famous Teachers in Heilongjiang Province, and the advanced individual in teacher ethics in Heilongjiang Province. It has one backbone teacher in the ideological and political theory courses in Heilongjiang Province, one famous teacher studio in the ideological and political theory courses of Xu Xiaoyu in Heilongjiang Province, and three teachers who are members of the Educational Committee in Heilongjiang Province.

The discipline of Marxist Theory adheres to the combination of college students’ ideological and political theory teaching and course construction and pays attention to the combination of scientific research with talent cultivation and social service; pays attention to the research of the latest theoretical achievements of Sinicized Marxism; pays attention to the intersection and comprehensive research of basic theories and the frontier of Marxist theoretical research; and deeply explores the basic contents, methods, and modes of ideological and political work in universities and petroleum enterprises, thus forming a training mode of Marxist theoretical talents with "Red culture leading, strengthening foundation, emphasizing practice," and cooperates with the Red Boat Spirit Research Center of Jiaxing University in Zhejiang Province, Northeast Resistance League Spirit Research Center, Great Northern Wilderness Spirit Research Center, and Iron Man Spirit Research Center to train graduate students. The advantages of the production-education-research combination not only provide a platform for postgraduate training, but also provide important theoretical and talent support for serving local social and economic development. Graduates mostly go to universities, local governments, enterprises, and public institutions. The employment rate and employment quality of students have increased year by year, which has been widely recognized by employers. The Master's thesis passed the Ministry of Education's thesis sampling inspection with flying colors.Nearly 20 students have entered Tsinghua University, the Party School of the Central Committee of the C.P.C., Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and other famous schools to study for doctoral degrees. At present, there are 106 postgraduate students in school.

In order to meet the needs of building a "Double Tops" university, our teachers adhered to rigorous scholarship and strengthened the awareness of consciousness for the best, and they achieved rich research achievements in the construction of ideological and political theory courses and in the field of Marxist Theory research. In the past five years, teachers have published more than two hundred papers in important academic journals such as Studies in Dialectics of Nature, Marxism & Reality, Teaching and Research, Scientific Socialism, Social Science Journal, Morality and Civilization, Journal of Southeast University, and Study & Exploration, and have published more than twenty research works and textbooks on Marxist theoretical research, such as Daqing Spirit Research, Marxist Discipline Theory System, and so on. Undertake four national social science foundations, three Ministry of Education humanities and social sciences projects, one Ministry of Education teaching and research team project, and one provincial-level preferential support teaching and research team. There are nearly fifty teaching and scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial level and above, such as Research on the Relationship between Daqing Spirit and the Great Spirit of the Communist Party of China. Scientific research achievements won eighteen provincial and ministerial awards, including one first prize, three third prizes, and two second prizes for provincial teaching achievements. In the Heilongjiang Ideological and Political Course Competition, she won the first prize three times, four teachers won the second prize, and many teachers won the third prize, as well as the prize for an excellent lesson, wonderful teaching plan, and excellent courseware. There is one national high-quality video open class, two provincial excellent courses, two provincial first-class courses, two school-level excellent resource sharing courses, and four school-level first-class courses.

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