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Introduction ofSports Department

The Sports Department of Northeast Petroleum University was originally the Sports Education and Research Department of Northeast Petroleum Institute. It was founded in 1960 and officially began class in September 1961. In November 1999, it was established as the sports department, which undertakes the physical education, sports training, sports scientific research, group competition, students' physical test and so on.

At the beginning of the establishment of the school, the Sports Education and Research Department carried forward the Daqing spirit of "When the conditions exist, go ahead; when they don't exist, then create them and go ahead." Taking farmland as the playground, it purchased equipment, carried out physical education, and opened the first P.E. class of the Northeast Petroleum Institute, which laid a solid foundation for physical education in the school.

The Sports Department has two public sports centers and two physical testing experimental centers, and has a master's degree in physical education. At present, there are 47 faculties, 34 full-time teachers, and 6 professors, including 3 level III professors, 17 associate professors, and 2 school-level famous teachers. It has 1 provincial-level excellent course, 1 school-level excellent course, 3 school-level excellent courses, and 3 school-level excellent resource sharing courses; 8 people won the first and second prizes in the Heilongjiang physical education teacher skills competition, 19 won the school teaching award or honorary title, and won the excellent teaching management team of Heilongjiang Province in 2013 and the advanced collective of Heilongjiang Province in 2019.

The school now has a 5500 square meters air film gymnasium, 1 fully enclosed plastic track and field stadium, 2 simple track and field stadium, 56 outdoor basketball courts, 11 outdoor volleyball courts, 12 outdoor tennis courts, 1 roller skating rink, 1 skating rink, 2 multifunctional fitness practice areas, 1 table tennis room, 1 aerobics room, 1 aerobics hall and 1 physical fitness test and experiment center.

The Sports Department has always adhered to the tenet of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, and the training objectives are to enjoy pleasure, improve personality, enhance physique, and temper one's willpower. It has built a trinity sports education system of "strengthen the body through scientific exercise, shape character through sports spirit, and create a brand through ice and snow characteristics," and made great efforts to build the ice and snow sports brand of our school and enhance the physical health level of students, as well as make unremitting efforts to achieve the strategic goal of a high-level centennial university.

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