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Introduction to the School of Continuing

Education at Northeast Petroleum University

The Continuing Education of Northeast Petroleum University was founded in 1977. It has gone through the establishment, reform, development, and innovation stages, and now it has become a comprehensive teaching and administrative department of higher education, higher education self-study examination, and non-degree education. It has developed into a dynamic component of the school educational system.

For many years, with the concept of "quality is the basement, talents make it stronger with reform and innovation, full of its own characteristics and merits," the school has adhered to educating students through the Daqing Spirit. Aiming at petroleum and petrochemical enterprises and regional economic construction, the school takes the strategy of "school-enterprise cooperation" and "city and school integration" and carries out a full-scale range of educational practices and forms a comprehensive and large-scale continuing education system with various types and levels.

The school offers five levels of continuing education for senior high school students, junior college students, a second-degree bachelor's education, and a second-degree junior college education. It offers 44 majors for ongoing education for academic qualifications, 12 modules, and 63 programs of non-degree training for qualifications. There are currently more than 3,600 students in continuing education with academic degrees and more than 2,000 students in self-examination assistance classes. Through non-academic continuing education, more than 3,000 engineering and management personnel are trained each year.

Relying on the disciplinary advantages and excellent teaching traditions of Northeast Petroleum University, the school has created a relatively complete teaching management system, with a team of full-time and part-time teachers who are familiar with the characteristics of continuing education, rich teaching experience, and high academic level, and a group of capable administrators, which ensures the steady improvement of quality education. The school has trained more than 38,000 graduates in continuing education and more than 35,000 trainees in non-degree continuing education. Many of the graduates and trainees have taken leadership positions or become the backbone of business units. The quality and reputation of the school have been widely recognized and praised by society.

There are about 13,000 square meters of office buildings, teaching buildings, apartment buildings, and training canteens. The teaching building has complete modern teaching facilities, excellent accommodation conditions in student apartments, first-class service quality in the student cafeteria, ideal school conditions, and perfect school functions, which have laid a solid foundation for the development of the school.

In recent years, the school has won the "Advanced Collective of the National Advanced Group for Admissions to Adult Higher Education Institutions", the "Heilongjiang Advanced Group for Adult Higher Education Institutions", the "Advanced Collective of Heilongjiang Province Enrollment Examination Work", and the "Advanced Basic-level Party Organization in Heilongjiang Province" and other honorary titles. The college has become an essential window for Northeast Petroleum University to serve petroleum and petrochemical enterprises and regional economic development.

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