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Introductionof Daqing Spirit Research Base

Daqing Spirit Research Base was established in 2004 and was awarded as the key research base in the humanities and social sciences by the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province in 2010. In 2013, it was approved as the provincial research base for philosophy and social sciences. In 2014, the base was approved as a department-level internal institution by the establishment and organizations commission of Heilongjiang Province. In 2017, the base was established as an independent department-level research base by Northeast Petroleum University, and it was selected as one of the first key cultivated think tanks.

Daqing Spirit Research Base insists on strengthening research in basic research of red culture, red culture education, development and utilization of red culture, and inheritance of red culture and so on, and made fruitful achievements. The base lays emphasis on integrating research results into educational work, transforms the political resources of Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit into educational resources, and gives full play to the role of class as the main channel, inherits and promotes Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit. The base set up a compulsory course for general education -- "Daqing Spirit and its Time Value", which opened online. All these promote development of daqing spirit in textbooks, classrooms and students' minds. In 2021, Daqing Spirit and its Time Value was rated as the first-class undergraduate course in Heilongjiang Province.

In recent years, Daqing Spirit Research Base has more than 10 national and provincial level projects approved by National Social Science Foundation Publishing Special Project "Daqing Spirit", Humanities and Social Science program of Ministry of Education " Research on Daqing Spirit", Philosophy and Social Sciences key project "Daqing Spirit and Chinese Spirit". Edit and coedit more than 20 books, such as "Original Intention: Reread the Revolutionary Spirit", "A Century Historical Narrative of Communist Party of China Revolutionary Spirit(Daqing Spirit)", "Rational Perspective of Daqing Spirit", "Hymn of Daqing Spirit", etc. "Rational Perspective of Daqing Spirit" won the first prize of the 17th Social Science Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements in Heilongjiang Province. Published more than 50 academic papers in "Academic Exchange","Study and Research","Materials from CPC History", etc.

In 2017, Northeast Petroleum University built the only red-culture and education pavilion with the theme of Daqing Spirit Education--Daqing Spirit Education Pavilion. Every year, the pavilion receives nearly one million visitors from both inside and outside the university. It has become a red-culture and education base, a display base for educational achievements and a dissemination base for Daqing Spirit, which is open not only to teachers and students of the university but also to the public. In 2020, the Daqing Spirit Education Pavilion was awarded the title of "Provincial Civilization Window Model."

Daqing Spirit Research Base fully utilizes the roles of full-time and part-time researchers and academic committees, establishes extensive cooperative relationships, and attracts more domestic and foreign scholars to participate in academic exchanges at the base.At the same time, the base has established a close cooperative relationship with oil field enterprises, inheriting and promoting the Daqing Spirit among employees of oil field enterprises and providing intellectual support and spiritual power for the regional economy. We will strive to build the research base into a high-level research base with distinctive characteristics, first-class in the province, advanced in domestic and demonstrative radiation effects, and promote the development and extension of the red culture.

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