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Introduction to the Institute of Educational Science

The Institute of Educational Science was formerly known as the School of Education Science and was founded in January 2018. In July 2020, the Division of Development Planning, Institute of Higher Education, and School of Education Science were integrated into the present Research Centre for Higher Education. The institute offers a first-level master’s program in education and three second-level master’s programs, including higher education, curriculum and pedagogy, and comparative education.

Based on the core idea of improving vocational ability, practical ability, innovative ability, and social responsibility, the institute educates students with the Daqing Spirit, promotes production-education-research cooperative education, and gives full play to the integration of multiple disciplines. For expanding a new cultivating model, postgraduate study is not limited to the classroom, or the major and the university. The institute has optimized the classroom teaching pattern and reformed the professional curriculum system, insisting on the integration of industry-education and science-education and a multi-party collaborative teaching mode of "curriculum+research+practice". Guided by the principle of integrating ideological and political education into classroom teaching, the institute is dedicated to cultivating versatile, innovative, dedicated, and patriotic students of academic master’s degrees who have a solid foundation in educational theories and independently engage in educational research, educational management, teaching, and training in educational administrative departments, higher education institutions, and social organizations.

Due to the basis of discipline, the only "Heilongjiang Higher Education Team" in Heilongjiang Province is established in the institute. Also, the institute has two off-campus innovative education practice bases for graduate students. In addition, the institute has a professional information center, which has collected more than 7000 books and 50 kinds of professional periodicals. There are 16 graduate supervisors, including 8 professors and 8 associate professors, among whom 6 have doctoral degrees.

In the past five years, the team of graduate tutors has undertaken three national educational reform projects and more than 60 provincial educational reform projects and educational research projects. What’s more, the institute has won Provincial Outstanding Research Achievement more than 10 times. It has formed advantages and characteristics in the research of higher engineering education, comparative research of colleges and universities, curriculum construction, and so on. Ninety-two graduates have been trained for primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, government agencies, public institutions, educational institutions, and other sectors.

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