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Research Institute

The Artificial Intelligence Energy Institute of Northeast Petroleum University was established in June 2020 in response to the national major strategy of "Artificial Intelligence" and the new strategy of "Energy Security". With scientific research as its main body, it is dedicated to the transformation of artificial intelligence applications and the energy industry, with the goal of providing artificial intelligence research technology support for Northeast Petroleum University's disciplinary and professional development and building a multidisciplinary interdisciplinary education platform.The development principles focus on relying on energy enterprises, aiming at the forefront of technology, serving energy security, and upgrading industrial energy levels.

The institute currently has 27 full-time and part-time researchers, including 6 professors and 18 associate professors. Over 90% of them have doctoral degrees. The teachers are mainly young and middle-aged researchers in artificial intelligence, electrical engineering, computer science, electronics, petroleum engineering and other fields. Senior technical experts from universities and enterprises at home and abroad are supplemented by a team of teachers with reasonable academic structure, excellent technology, and vigorous spirit.

The team has 1 Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) Scholar Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, 1 National Leading Talent of "Ten Thousand Talents Program", 1 Member of the Academia Europaea, 1 National Outstanding Youth Fund Winning Talent, 1 Shanghai Oriental Scholar, 3 first-class experts of Daqing Oilfield, and 1 Provincial Outstanding Teacher. The team has achieved considerable international advanced results in the field of networked control, including 1 Chinese monograph, 2 English monographs, 1 English book chapter, more than 100 SCI journal papers, and a total of 27 papers have been selected into ESI highly cited papers (7 of which have been selected as ESI hot papers). In the field of control and signal processing, the group has published 30 papers in the international top journals and 14 of them are regular papers. In addition, more than 20 national projects have been conducted, such as the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation of Germany, National Natural Science Foundation of Excellent Youth Fund of China, National Natural Science Foundation of Key Program of China, and National Natural Science Foundation of General Program of China. Two first prizes and three second prizes of Natural Science of Heilongjiang Province have been awarded

Relying on the Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Networking & Intelligent Control and the Pattern Recognition & Intelligent System Leading Talent Echelon of Heilongjiang Province, the institute adopts the "1+3+X" scientific research center operation mode, namely based on the Artificial Intelligence Basic Theory Research Center, three energy engineering application centers (i.e., Intelligent Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Research Center, Intelligent Geophysical Prospecting Research Center and Intelligent Oil and Gas Control Research Center), X energy research centers (i.e., Intelligent Oil and Gas Engineering Research Center, Intelligent Geological Engineering Research Center, Intelligent Energy Equipment Research Center, Carbon Neutrality Research Center), the "1+3+X" scientific research center operation mode strongly supports the strategy development of our university on "Strengthening the Land, Expanding the Sea and Strengthening the Innovation".

The institute is in close contact with domestic and foreign universities, well-known enterprises and institutions, and conducts in-depth cooperation in personnel training, platform construction, and scientific research, with practical action to practice the "planting Longjiang fertile soil and returning to the oil field in depth" of Northeast Petroleum University. Our institute will give full play to its supporting, driving, and leading role in scientific research, vigorously carry forward the Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit, and make great contributions to the national energy strategy's security.

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