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Research Institute

The Bohai Rim Energy Research Institute of Northeast Petroleum University was established on May 22, 2019, located in Qinhuangdao city. The research institute includes six research laboratories, namely the Marine Energy Exploration Research Lab, the Marine Oil and Gas Engineering Research Lab, the Marine Energy Equipment Research Lab, the Oilfield Big Data and Intelligent Analysis Research Lab, the Unconventional Oil and Gas Research Lab, and the Complex System and Advanced Control Research Lab. In 2018, the first party congress of Northeast Petroleum University put forward the pattern of "one school and three places" collaborative school running and the development idea of "strengthening the land, expanding the sea, and strengthening the new", which pointed out the direction for the construction of the institute. At the beginning of its establishment, the institute undertook the historical mission of expanding the sea of Northeast Petroleum University by providing decision-making consultation, technical services, talents, and intellectual support for technology research and development for Bohai Gulf oil and gas enterprises, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economies, and Qinhuangdao. To vigorously develop marine disciplines, build a high-end base for scientific research and talent training, and provide strong support for the idea of "high-end development and high-end development" of Qinhuangdao Campus.

At present, there are 20 full-time teachers in the institute, all of whom have PhDs, including 9 professors, 5 doctoral supervisors, 7 associate professors, and 4 lecturers. A scientific research team with strong research capabilities is initially formed, with the basis for multidisciplinary collaborative research and the completion of interdisciplinary high-level projects that can provide a full range of technical services for offshore oil and gas companies. At present, it has formed the advantages of multi-disciplinary and systematic research directions in offshore oil and gas exploration, development, engineering, equipment, testing, big data, intelligent control, safety, and the environment.

The Bohai Rim Energy Research Institute relies on a number of key laboratories at or above the provincial and ministerial level to carry out research work, including the National Engineering Laboratory for Oil and Gas Drilling Technology-Research Laboratory for Efficient Drilling and Rock Breaking Technology, the Continental Shale Oil and Gas Reservoir Formation Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, Petroleum Big Data and Intelligent Analysis of Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory, Evaluation of Integrity of Oil and Gas Reservoirs and Underground Reservoirs of Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory, and Petroleum Machinery Engineering of Heilongjiang Province Key Laboratory. These laboratory platforms have laid a solid foundation for the realization of the institute's high-end development goals and the cultivation of high-level talents.

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