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Key Laboratories

The Key Laboratory of Petroleum Big Data and Intelligent Analysis (referred to as the laboratory) in Heilongjiang province is affiliated with the School of Computer and Information Technology of Northeast Petroleum University. There are currently 40 part-time teachers, including 15 teachers with senior professional titles and 25 senior associate teachers. The laboratory has undertaken 68 scientific research projects, 22 authorized patents, and published 51 core papers in the past three years.

The laboratory is based on the supporting units and relevant enterprises and strives to create a distinctive feature of "the integration of petroleum big data and intelligent analysis" innovation pattern, fully integrating resources, integrating, penetrating, and crossing disciplines, and gathering talents, and giving full play to the advantages in applied basic research and applied research, and focus on the innovation of application results. The laboratory will be built into a well-known domestic research base with original innovation ability and a high-level personnel training base for petroleum informatization.

The laboratory aims to combine with the national medium and long-term science and technology development strategy, and focus on the key and common technical issues in the frontiers of science and technology development and the economic and social development of our province, and focus on the development needs of ten key industries to carry out the applied basic research, aiming at petrochemical informatization and the forefront topics of industry technology research, and solving the critical technical problems in the field of petrochemical information of our province, carrying out original innovation, integrated innovation, collaborative innovation and other development activities to achieve iconic actual achievements; strengthen collaborative innovation of production, education and research, meet the technological requirements of enterprises, and promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technical achievements; promote openness and sharing of resources, open the country to the outside world, carry out high-level scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, and strengthen the function of public scientific and technical services. Based on the research on oilfield big data information processing, data standardization, petroleum information, and process visualization, new technologies, methods, and means are explored to support the petrochemical informatization field and industrial, technological progress, and provide a technical support system, innovation platform and sharing base for scientific and technological innovation in our province.

The main research directions of the laboratory include:

1. Organization and governance of big data

2. Machine learning and big data reservoir analysis.

3. Intelligent oil-gas field analysis and optimization;

4. A new quantum computing method for seismic image processing

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