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Key Laboratories

Chemical Technology for Petroleum and Natural Gas

The Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Petroleum & Natural Gas Chemical Technology is the only provincial key laboratory in Heilongjiang Province in the field of petroleum and natural gas chemical technology. Based on the first-class discipline of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Heilongjiang Province, the project was approved for construction in 2005. Applying basic research is carried out for petroleum refining, the petrochemical industry, and new chemical materials, and the following four main research directions are formed: petrochemical industry and catalytic transformation, advanced functional coatings and materials, oil and gas field chemical engineering, and design and synthesis of new catalytic materials.

The laboratory implements the director responsibility system, and the director of the laboratory is Professor Song Hua. At present, there are more than 50 staff members, and about 50% of them are professors. It has two provincial leading talent echelons of "Chemical Technology" and "Industrial Catalysis", and has cultivated one winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund, one winner of National Middle-aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions, one National Youth Top Talent, one New Century Excellent Talent of the Ministry of Education, two winners of Provincial Outstanding Youth Fund, two distinguished professors of Longjiang Scholar and one Longjiang Young Scholar.

Over the past five years, the laboratory has undertaken more than 20 national science and technology projects, won 7 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, authorized more than 50 invention patents, published 2 monographs, and more than 300 SCI and EI retrieval research papers. After years of accumulation and innovation, the ethylene polymerization catalyst, high purity wax, and sulfonate oil displacement surfactant were developed and have been industrially produced in Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shandong, and other places and have achieved great economic and social benefits. Furthermore, products such as antioxidants, isobutyric acid, and high-performance rare earth rubber have completed pilot tests, and industrial production will be carried out in the next step, which has made outstanding contributions to the development of the national petroleum and petrochemical industry and the economic construction of Heilongjiang Province. The laboratory attaches great importance to cultivating graduate students with good scientific literacy and scientific research ability. There are more than 50 doctoral candidates and more than 150 master candidates in the team, and these postgraduates have become an important force in carrying out innovative research.

The laboratory lays emphasis on cooperation and exchange with research institutes at home and abroad. An international joint laboratory of advanced chemical catalytic materials and surface science has been established with Queen's University of Canada, and a long-term and stable cooperation and exchange relationship has been established with international well-known scientific research institutions such as Clausthal University of Technology in Germany, George Washington University in the U.S., and the Institute of Chemical Engineering and Science in Singapore. The Heilongjiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Petroleum & Natural Gas Chemical Technology has become an important part of the scientific and technological innovation system in the field of the petrochemical industry in Heilongjiang Province. It is an important basis for the organization of high-level applied basic research, cultivating excellent scientific research talents and carrying out high-level academic exchanges.

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