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Key Laboratories

Established in 2018, the HeilongjiangKey Laboratoryof Efficient Development of Natural Gas HydrateEfficientDevelopment ofGasHydrateResources, focusing on the key scientific issues of efficient development of gas hydrate, taking advantage of the resources ofNortheast Petroleum University, joining with the CNOOC State Key Laboratory of Gas Hydrate, the Gas Hydrate Research Center of Northeast Petroleum University, the Joint Institute of Offshore Oil and Gas Formation and Developmentby promoting university-enterprise and industry-academia cooperation in scientific research with CNOOC and other enterprises, the laboratory has been able to gather scientific innovation capabilities and research strength to provide a solid research foundation for national major needs and sustainable energy development strategies.

There are 23 staff members in the laboratory, mainly young and middle-agedresearch fellows,amongwhich there are 21 doctoral degree holders, 2 master's degree holders, 2 recipients of the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)SurfaceProjects, 4 recipients of the NSFCYouthScienceFundProjects, 1 recipient of thePostdoctoral Science Foundation of China, 1 recipient of the China Sun Yueqi Youth Science and Technology Award, 8 provincial and ministerialresearch courses and 16 Ministry of Education Industry-University Cooperation Collaborative EducationProjects, which have generated great social and economic benefits.

In recent years, the laboratory has set up research directions on the formation mechanism of natural gas hydrate reservoirs, hydraterecoverymechanism, research on multi-scale seepage patterns during hydraterecovery, and research on keytechniques for stable hydrateproduction,such as sandproductionand sandprevention (control). The laboratory has strong scientific and technological innovation and joint research capability. The total area of experimental platform rooms is 2415 square meters, and the total value of instruments and equipment is over7,611,400RMB.

Heilongjiang Key Laboratoryof Efficient Development of Natural Gas Hydratefocuses on the key scientific issuesin connection with theefficientgas hydratedevelopment,acting locally and thinking globally,based on Daqing, actively carrying outthejoint research, strengthening the gathering and training of outstanding talents, promoting the combination ofproduction,educationand research, and accelerating the establishment of a new highland in the energy industry.We will realize the mechanism of "one body with two wings", which mainly focuses on scientific breakthroughs and comprehensively improves the level of discipline construction and talent training ability, and provides technical support for the national energy strategic needs

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