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Key Disciplines

This discipline was established in the early days of the founding of NEPU. In 1990, it was authorized to grant master's degree and doctoral degree in Chemical Process Machinery, and in 2003, it was authorized to grant doctoral degree Chemical Process Machinery, and master's degree in Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics. It was approved as a postdoctoral service station in Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics in 2006. In 2016, due to the adjustment of disciplines, the doctoral degree authorization of Chemical Process Machinery was cancelled and classified it as the first-level discipline of Mechanical Engineering, and the second-level discipline of Petroleum and Chemical Machinery was added.

After more than 50 years of development, it now has three leading talent echelons of Heilongjiang Province, including chemical Process Machinery, Fluid Mechanical Engineering and Thermal Energy Engineering, as well as national characteristic discipline and national first-class discipline construction point of Process Equipment and Control Engineering. The discipline has been established as a key discipline in Heilongjiang Province by supporting from first-level post-doctoral service station of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, first-level master discipline of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, Key Laboratory of HSE of CNPC and Key Laboratory of Heilongjiang Province, etc.. There are 49 full-time teachers, including 14 doctoral supervisors, 23 professors, and 45 teachers with doctoral degrees.

According to the mainstream connotation and cutting-edge development trend of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, combined with the orientation, guiding ideology, development plan and preliminary foundation of Northeast Petroleum University, and according to the characteristics of the school’s region and industry, this discipline closely integrates the basic and application issues of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics involved in petroleum and petrochemical production process, tracking the frontiers and hot issues of international research in this discipline, providing theoretical foundation and technical support for national oil and gas production, energy security and social sustainable development. This discipline has made a number of innovations in five main research directions, including Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Chemical Process Machinery, Power Machinery and Engineering, Acoustic Emission Testing and Evaluation Technology, Multiphase Flow with Phase Change Heat Transfer, focusing on problems of Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics involved in chemical equipment, oil drilling, oil and gas gathering and energy utilization process. After years of scientific research, the design theory and application technology of fluid machinery equipment, chemical equipment safety evaluation and material corrosion and wear resistance technology, oilfield load and power system efficient operation supporting technology, petroleum equipment intelligent detection and evaluation key technology, and multiphase in-pipe law of flow and the safe and energy-saving transportation of pipelines have formed advantageous characteristic and have reached the leading level at home and abroad.

Students should have good scientific quality, solid basic theories, and systematic specialized knowledge in Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermo-physics, and have an in-depth understanding of the current situation, development trends, and academic research frontiers of the discipline, as well as master the experimental methods and application skills of the discipline. And we cultivate professional technical personnel with scientific research ability, academic communication ability, engineering practice ability, innovation ability, and organizational management ability in the fields of dynamic engineering and engineering thermo-physics, and are qualified for engineering technology, scientific research, teaching, and management work in this discipline and related fields.

The source of students in this discipline covers all kinds of undergraduate colleges and universities across the country. Over the years, it has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents represented by the Yangtze River Scholars, Young Chinese Female Scientists, and Professor Duan Huiling, and formed an academic team in each discipline with high comprehensive quality, strong innovation ability, and tracking cutting-edge ability. It has become an important research, application, and talent training base in the field of China's petroleum and chemical machinery equipment. It has made outstanding contributions to the implementation of the strategy of revitalizing the old industrial base in the Northeast, promoting the development of petroleum and petrochemical equipment, and serving local economic construction.

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