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Key Disciplines

Business Administration is a discipline that takes social microeconomic organization as its research object and systematically studies the general rules and application methods of its management activities. Specifically, the Business Administration discipline takes the management issues of enterprises or economic organizations as the research object, economics and behavioral sciences as the main theoretical foundation, and statistics, operations research, and other mathematical analysis methods and case analysis methods as the main research methods. Explore and study the formation process, characteristics and interrelationships of various management behaviors and management decisions of enterprises or economic organizations, as well as the interrelationships between the enterprise as a whole and the external environment, and explore and summarize the results to achieve general theories, rules, and methods to improve efficiency.

The discipline of Business Administration at Northeast Petroleum University began as a management specialty in the 1980s. It was authorized as a master's degree in Technical Economics and Management in 2001, a master's degree in Business Administration in 2002, a master's degree in Accounting in 2006, and a first-level discipline in Business Administration in 2010. In 2011, it was rated as a key discipline in Heilongjiang Province. The secondary disciplines included in this discipline are Business Management, Technical Economy and Management, Accounting and Tourism Management, and the undergraduate majors included are Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, Financial Management, and Tourism Management. There are 57 teachers, 22 professors, 26 associate professors, 32 full-time teachers under the age of 45, 5 doctoral supervisors, 2 provincial outstanding teachers, 1 provincial accounting leader (reserve) talent, and 18 overseas experienced teachers. Using the provincial scientific research team of the oil and gas industry and regional economic development, the provincial platform of the Institute of Petroleum Economics and Management, and the Institute of Energy Economics to form four distinct corporate strategic management, resource economic evaluation, sustainable development of oil and gas resource-based cities, and resource-based enterprise innovation management, all of which are to be cultiAs a reviewing unit for many high-level magazines at home and abroad, the China Petroleum Enterprise Association, Heilongjiang Provincial Management Association and other governing units, it has a certain influence in the field of oil and gas resource economics and management.

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