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Key Disciplines

Control Science and Engineering is a first-level subject in Heilongjiang Province and was built on the basis of control theory and control engineering. It was listed as a key discipline in Heilongjiang Province in July 2001 and was awarded as an outstanding discipline in Heilongjiang Province. This discipline is based on the Daqing Oilfield, facing the petroleum and petrochemical industries, focusing on improving the application level of control theory and control engineering in the oilfield, developing and improving basic theory research and application technology development. When combined with the revitalization of Northeast China's old industrial base, it will promote local economic, social, and scientific and technological development.The discipline undertakes the construction of national first-class specialties, characteristic specialties, and National Outstanding Engineer Plans. The teachers of this discipline are in charge of the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Joint Fund for Doctoral Supervisors, the National Excellent Youth Program, the National Natural Science Fund, the New Century Talents Program of the Ministry of Education, the Teaching Reform Program of the Ministry of Education, and the Teaching Reform Program of Heilongjiang Province. The main research directions are: 1 Oilfield Integrated Automation Technology, Digitization, and Intelligence; 2 Networking and Intelligent Control 3 Oil and Gas Information Testing and Processing; 4 Intelligent Control Theory and Application; 5 Economic and Reliable Oil Field Power Grid Operation; 6 Leak Signal Detection and Positioning of Oil and Gas Pipeline Network

On the basis of long-term scientific research, the neural network prediction and control of the oil and gas development process, the intelligent algorithm for oil well dynamic identification, the wavelet transform feature extraction of the oil and gas storage and transportation process, the condition detection of oil field surface equipment, the state testing and fault diagnosis of complex control systems, etc., have been studied.

It has researched and developed an online safety monitoring system for oil and natural gas pipe networks and improved the design and integration capabilities of a self-developed sensor network system for oil and natural gas pipe networks. The leakage monitoring and positioning system of oil and natural gas pipe network based on the Internet of things has been developed, which can not only solve the problems of acoustic emission and negative pressure wave method, such as limited distance, reliability to be improved, but also meet the requirements of real-time and automation of pipeline detection, and achieve accurate positioning of small leakage volume and multiple leakage sources.

The safety analysis and evaluation of the current situation of the oil and gas preliminary processing system is carried out, the potential dangerous factors of the oil and gas preliminary processing system are identified, the accidents and the dangers that may be caused by the hazard sources constituted by the dangerous factors are analyzed, and the possible fire or explosion accidents are analyzed to get a safety evaluation,analyze and judge the possible hazards and conditions that may cause combustion and explosion disasters in the operation of equipment , so as to adopt corresponding management methods and safety precautions to minimize the severity of dangers and accidents, and reduce the possibility of accidents,the personal safety and property damage is reduced to a minimum. Carry out major hazard source identification, risk assessment methods, failure consequence simulation analysis, risk control and management research. On the basis of the above research work, the software engineering method is used to develop the safety evaluation and risk prevention system platform of the oil and gas preliminary processing system under the Windows , and a networked safety management information database was established.

The motor system simulation analysis, the motor system energy-saving technology selection and test application research, and the motor system energy-saving project network information management are carried out. Through the simulation analysis of the motor system, the optimal selection of efficient energy-saving equipment, the integration of advanced applicable technology, to achieve the best match of the system, improve the efficiency of the system, reduce the loss of the system, and form the motor system energy-saving demonstration project.

The construction of the disciplines of control science and engineering meets the needs of promoting the province's higher education and strengthening the province's science and technology, as well as the need for the integrated development of China's energy security.

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