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On the morning of November 3, 2021, the 2020 National Science and Technology Award Conference was held in the Great Hall of the People. The project “Key Technologies for New Polymer Flooding to substantially Improve Oil Recovery” led by Professor Song Kaoping and associate researcher PI Yanfu won the Second Prize of National Technology Invention.  

The “Key Technologies for New Polymer Flooding to substantially Improve Oil Recovery” project proposed a new cognition of “interactive continuous viscosity reduction to increase polymer swept volume”, and realizes the technical idea and principle from improving oil displacement efficiency to strengthening swept volume .Based on the transformation, they have carried out 13 years of continuous research on the three world-class technical problems of profile reversal, inefficient circulation, and shear degradation in polymer flooding production, and have been closely integrated with the dynamic and static conditions of the oilfield to create a new polymer flooding technology suitable for actual low-permeability reservoirs.The recovery rate was significantly increased by more than 4% on the basis of the original technology (12%). The recovery rate index and application range of large-scale blocks both broke world records. The project has been granted 70 national invention patents, which have been applied to more than 9,700 wells in 10 oil fields on a large scale, and 11 low- and medium-permeability reservoir blocks have been applied for more than 4 years. The enhanced oil recovery rate of polymer flooding has been above 16%. Significant technical, economic and social benefits have been achieved, providing an important technical support for ensuring national energy security.

Professor Song Kaoping made a discussion with teachers and students

Professor Song Kaoping and team members

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