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(Text/Photo by Lina Xu)

On the evening of November 14th, in Room 111 of Block H of the No.1 Teaching Building, "People's Model", "Reform Pioneer" and "Iron Man in the New Era", the part-time professor of our school ---Wang Qimin entered into the second excellent online open course "Daqing Spirit and Its Value of the Times". Wang Qimin gave a superb science and technology innovation lesson and life guidance to more than 260 undergraduate and graduate students in the live class and more than 6,000 teachers and students of colleges and universities and Internet users online.

"Someone once asked me, why did you choose the oil industry?", 83-year-old Wang Qimin traced the time back to 1960, starting from the oil injection of the third Songliao Plain's stratigraphic well in the live meeting class. He emotionally described his sincere, original intention of offering oil to the motherland, the long and arduous journey of developing oil through science and technology, and the innovation of breaking through the foreign theoretical forbidden zone and filling the technological gap of Daqing Oilfield development.

(Wang Qimin gave a live class)

Through models and videos, Wang Qimin demonstrated on-site explorations and attempts in new energy development such as "geothermal power generation, solar power generation, and sewage treatment". This action vividly showed the way of thinking of technological innovation and his endless pursuit of new technological innovation.

(Wang Qimin made a presentation)

During the lectures, the Iron Man of the New Era, who repeatedly jumped into the "sci-tech mud pool," fully embodied these spirits, including the patriotic spirit of being connected with oil and dedicating his life to the national petroleum industry, the selflessness and hard work spirit of shouldering the oil mission's development of science and technology, and the spirit of overcoming difficulties and forging ahead. Wang Qimin's passionate remarks moved our teachers and students deeply, and they were inspired and excited.

"It is a privilege for me to be able to hear Mr. Wang Qimin's talk on the spot." He dedicated his life and efforts to discovering the "golden key" to oilfield development. He correctly defined the terms "perseverance" and "dedication." "After listening to Pro. Wang's lecture, I recognized the importance of the original goal," remarked Zhang Xin, an undergraduate student; Tan Xinjian, a PhD student from the School of Petroleum Engineering. Our struggle will be more meaningful and forceful if we do not lose sight of its original purpose. I want to focus on scientific research and innovation, learning from the old man's pioneering, drilling, and tenacity, inheriting and carrying forward the Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit, building NEPU, taking root in Heilongjiang Province, and continuing our generation's long march to develop oil industry science and technology!" Sun Mingxue, Jiang Minghu, and Liu Jingshun, according to reports, discussed and exchanged views with Wang Qimin prior to the start of the live class. They commended him for his interest and attention to NEPU's development and building.They hoped that he could provide more suggestions and opinions for our school on educating people with Daqing Spirit.

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