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Our school solemnly staged the inauguration ceremony of "Iron Man" Wang Jinxi's statue and the Party Day activity with the theme of "Stay True to the Original Aspiration and the Found Mission" on the afternoon of November 14th. Sun Mingxue, Secretary of the School Party Committee, and Wang Kun, Member of the Municipal Party Committee's Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Daqing Oilfield, and Chairman of the Labor Union, unveiled the monument of Iron Man Wang Jinxi at the occasion. Following that, President Jiang Minghu and the attending leaders gave flower baskets to the statue on behalf of Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing Oilfield Co. Ltd., and the family members of Iron Man Wang Jinxi.

(Sun Mingxue and Wang Kun unveil Iron Man Wang Jinxi statue)

(Jiang Minghu, Wang Kun and Wang Hongbo lay flower baskets for the statue of Iron Man Wang Jinxi)

The impassioned singing of "Walking in Iron Man's Footsteps" by all teachers and students culminated the Theme Party Day event.

By the theme activities today, teachers and students at the scene expressed that they were deeply inspired and educated and deeply baptized in the depths of their souls. They will stick to the original aspirations of education to serve the country, bravely undertake the mission of fostering virtue through education, and vigorously promote the Daqing Spirit and the Iron man Spirit. They will also reflect patriotism, the aspiration of strengthening, and the action of paying back the country better at their post and contributing to the goal to build a high-level century-old university.

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