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(Text/picture from Zhao Xiubo, student reporter Xin Jiyuan and Yuan Xiangsong)

This youthful event was held in July, and all of the students from Heilongjiang Province gathered together at Northeast Petroleum University. The 17th Heilongjiang Province Student Sports Meeting was conducted in magnificent style in our school's main stadium on July 15. The Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education and the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau sponsored this fantastic event, which was hosted by Northeast Petroleum University and the Daqing Education Bureau, and co-organized by the Heilongjiang College and Middle School Students Sports Association.

At 8:30 in the morning, accompanied by the cheerful athletes' march, the energetic and motivated referees and 73 delegation teams entered the field one after the other. In the majestic sound of "March of the Volunteers", the bright five-starred red flag rose slowly.

At the opening ceremony, students from Northeast Petroleum University and primary and middle school students from Daqing gave a sunshine sports show with the theme of "Dream Youth, Dream Future." The performance is divided into four chapters: "Tolerance and Openness, NEPU Welcomes You; Optimism and Health, Creating Youthful Dreams; Unremittingly Pursuing Self-Renewal, Inheriting the National Spirit; Comprehensive Revitalization, Building a New Heilongjiang Province."All of these performances demonstrated NEPU's enthusiasm for guests, the achievements of middle school students' sports activities, the achievements of college students' activities to inherit Chinese traditional culture, and the spirit of Hei Longjiang students who continue to surpass themselves and pursue dreams, and fully demonstrated the outstanding achievements of student sports education in our province, and expressed the faith and determination of the young students to take root in Heilongjiang and commit themselves with vitality and youngdevotionto the 70th anniversary of the birth of the new China.

It is known that this is the first time in our province that a university and middle school sports meet has been hosted jointly, with over 8,000 participants competing. Athletes will compete in nine university tournaments and six middle school contests from July 15th to July 22nd. Scientific paper reports and other events will be held in addition to the sports gathering.

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