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(Reporter Wang Chaoying)

On September 7th, Northeast Petroleum University celebrated its 60th birthday. The university held a series of activities to commemorate the 60th anniversary, mainly through "cloud" and combining online and offline activities. The school celebration activities have received extensive attention from all walks of life. The media also reported the spectacular event, namely, People's Daily Online, Xinhua Net, Guangming Net, China News Net, China Youth Net, China Chemical Industry News, Heilongjiang Daily, Heilongjiang Radio and Television Station, Northeast Net, Daqing Daily, Daqing Radio and Television Station, etc.

Cloud live broadcast begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 4 a.m., and includes cloud delivery, cloud blessing, cloud celebration, cloud art exhibition, cloud visiting campus, cloud traveling of the school history museum, cloud interview, cloud exhibition, cloud forum, cloud show, and other activities that have been widely praised by netizens. As of the completion of the live show, there had been 620,000 likes and over 25,000 comments.

Cloud live broadcast ended with a "cloud show." The performance assembled representatives of the old professors and retired teachers who participated in founding the school, alumni of the university art troupe who had graduated for many years, in-service leaders, young teachers, counselors, and student representatives.

They looked back at the arduous pioneering years of NEPU through songs, dance, new style allegro, poetry, and other forms, and imagined the beautiful vision of forging ahead in a new era and establishing a new NEPU through the three chapters of "struggle, persevere, and dream" with the theme of "60th Anniversary Glory and Dreaming for a Hundred Years."

Although affected by the epidemic, everyone can only share happiness and friendship online, but the screen cannot block the alumni or change love. The sincere comments and heart-warming blessings in the comments area expressed their love for NEPU.

In the live broadcast, teachers, students, and alumni expressed their wish to gather again after the epidemic to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the lake, reminisce the moments with classmates, recapture their love for NEPU, and talk about development plans. On the new journey of establishing a high-level century-old university, we will create a better future hand in hand!

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