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(Reporter/PhotographerXu Lina Xin Jiyuan)

"Brothers, what is our dream? - to realize the old captain's long-cherished wish, to dig the well abroad!" On June 28th, with the sound of rumbling rigs on the stage, the original musical "Iron Man in Africa", which took three years of elaborate planning and was constructed as a tribute to the centenary of the founding of the Party, made its debut in the concert hall of our school. Our school leaders and the play's creators attended the premiere, leaders, and experts from relevant provincial and municipal units, enterprises, and universities. More than a thousand teachers and students watched it together.

This drama has a total of 8 scenes, including the prologue and the end. It takes the national model worker, the Pioneer of the Times, the Most Beautiful Struggler, and the "Third-Generation Iron Man" Comrade Li Xinmin as the prototype, tells the moving story of the new generation of Chinese oilmen represented by the protagonist Li Tiemin, who gave up their homes to advance overseas, risked their lives, dug wells in Sudan, Africa, and struggled to start a business.

On the stage, the artists from the provincial Performing Arts Group and Daqing area, together with the teachers and students of our school, performed the "Iron Man spirit" of the new era of bearing the overall situation in mind, sharing the country's worries, working hard and climbing the peak bravely. They praised the lofty virtues of Chinese Communists for staying true to their original aspiration and keeping their mission firmly in mind, serving the Party and the country, emphasizing sentiments and righteousness, striving and contributing, and the great practice of "building a community with a shared future for mankind" under the Belt and Road Initiative with various art forms such as performance, music, and dance.

"Far away from the homeland, far away from home, wandering around the world, the drilling tower holds up the dream of home and country, and boundless red clouds freely..." With the moving melody of the theme song "Chasing the Dream", "Iron Man in Africa" ended successfully with bursts of warm applause.

It is reported that as one of the production units of this drama, our school attached great importance to the rehearsal and guarantee work of the theater, and has provided strong support in the selection of teachers and students, the provision of working environment and site, the coordination of rehearsal time and logistics services. After nearly two months of intensive rehearsals, the crew, teachers, and students of our school presented a dramatic, artistic, and educational red drama to the general audience, which gained great praise and social influence. At the same time, participating in and producing "Iron Man in Africa" also strongly inspires the masses of teachers, students, and party members of our school to pass on the red gene and the passion and pride of the communists' spiritual blood. They take the literature works with great vitality and creativity as the carrier, through learning history to understand the truth, enhance credibility, worship morality and practice earnestly, fully adhering to the fundamental task of establishing righteousness and cultivating people, and continuously strengthening the characteristics of running schools and educating people with the Daqing Spirit, and producing more young talents with morality, intelligence, healthy body, correct aesthetic and love of work for the motherland.

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