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(Correspondent Guan Ming Photographer Fan Xing)

On November 28th, the "Iron Man Soul" and the closing ceremony of the "Iron Man Cultural Festival", which were sponsored by the Student Affairs Department, the Youth League Committee, the Security Department, and the Daqing Spirit Research Base and undertaken by the Youth League Committee of Art College, were brilliantly staged in the concert hall.

The opening dance----"Never Forget the Original Aspiration" vividly interpreted the original aspiration of Iron Man to share the country's worries, encouraging the majority of students to remember the spirit of elder generations and continue to struggle; the poetry recitation----"Walking in the Footsteps of Iron Man" revealed the struggle and incredible power of Iron Man; the "Marching Toward Glory" encouraged young students to carry forward the glory of their ancestors; the solo dance----"The Climber" showed the oil workers' desire in a unique way to contribute to the country in the campaign; the drama segment----"Meet the Iron Man Again" vividly reproduces the fiery scene of the movement for oil; the men's group dance----"To the Iron Man" reproduced Wang Jinxi's heroic subduing blowout; the chorus----"Iron Man, He is Still With Us" inspired people to continue to pass on the Daqing Spirit and the Iron Man Spirit; the drama----"The Backbone of the Country", through the interpretation of Mr. Qian Xuesen's love for the country, encouraged students to study and serve the country; the singing and dancing show---- "Splendid Future" inspired people to work hard and contribute to the bright future of the country; the recitation----"Iron Man Spirit Shines Forever" pushed the entire performance to a climax. And all the students made a youth vow of "NEPU students loving oil, dedicating to the oil cause", which drew an excellent end to the performance.

In 2019, the "Iron Man Cultural Festival" lasted for three months. The rich tradition of oil workers and the moving actions of entrepreneurs can be felt everywhere, from the first class of freshman entry education to the spectacular campus events. The Daqing Spirit and Iron Man Spirit have inspired all NEPU people to stay faithful to the past, cast the "Iron Man Soul," move ahead with a high-spirited attitude, and contributing to the new era.

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