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(Reporter/Photographer Xu Lina, Wang Chaoying)

On January 2nd, the Undergraduate Education Conference of Northeast Petroleum University was held in the school's concert hall. More than 1,200 people, including school leaders, cadres at or above the school management level, teacher representatives, and student representatives, attended the conference.

The main task of the conference is to implement the spirit of the National Education Conference thoroughly, the New Era National Undergraduate Education Working Conference, the heart of the Provincial Education Conference, and the nature of the School Party Congress, to implement the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, to adhere to the "Take Undergraduate Education as the Foundation," to promote the "Four Regressions," to firmly establish the core position of undergraduate education in talent training and the fundamental status of education and teaching, to maintain integrity and innovation, to overcome difficulties, to create a first-class undergraduate education with NEPU's characteristics, and to strive to create a new situation for undergraduate education comprehensive revitalization.

President Jiang Minghu made a report at the conference entitled "Being Integrity and Innovation, Overcoming Difficulties, and Striving to Create a New Situation for Undergraduate Education Comprehensive Revitalization". In the report, Jiang Minghu first focused on "the basic construction of undergraduate teaching has been continuously strengthened, the ideological and political work of college students has been continuously enhanced, the characteristics of Daqing Spirit education have been further demonstrated, the construction of faculty has been continuously improved, the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship of college students has been effectively improved, and the basic conditions of undergraduate education have been significantly improved, and education quality monitoring system is becoming more and more perfect".These seven aspects reviewed and summarized the achievements of our school's undergraduate education work and profoundly analyzed the current situation and main problems of undergraduate education.

(Jiang Minghu delivered the report)

Regarding the next step of the work and the main measures, Jiang Minghu pointed out in the report that in the face of the difficult situation, we should see the enormous challenges and the development opportunities and strengthen the confidence in development. After full deliberation, the School Party Committee decided to open the undergraduate education conference this academic year, which is to face challenges and difficulties directly, seize opportunities in challenges, seek revitalization amid responsibilities, and take the initiative to pick up obligations shoulder responsibilities and missions. All these will help us achieve the resurrection of the school's undergraduate education and promote the high-quality development of the school. We have to think about three questions at first: what is the value of NEPU's existence? What is the critical support of running NEPU? What is the position of undergraduate talent training goals? Second, we must run through the six persistence:

· Adhering to the overall leadership of the party.

· Adhering to the core position of undergraduate education.

· Adhering to student-centered.

· Adhering to quality development.

· Adhering to reform and innovation.

· Adhering to creating excellence by characteristics.

Third, we must implement four promotions: it is necessary to promote a change in educational ideology; promote the formation of undergraduate education characteristics; promote the construction of new engineering disciplines; and promote the dynamic adjustment of majors. Fourth, we must handle five relationships well; it is necessary to properly take the relationship between the high standard and pragmatic working; the relationship between teaching and learning; the relationship between education and scientific research; the relationship between strict management and great kindness; and the relationship between university and schools. Fifth, we must strengthen the four guarantees: it is necessary to strengthen organizational guarantees, policy guarantees, system and mechanism guarantees, and coordinated guarantees.

Vice-President Mu Haiwei started from "One System", "Two Penetrations", "Three Characteristics", "Four Enhancements", "Five Guarantees", "Six-in-One Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assurance System", and combined with the "Ten Major Actions", the "The Action Plan for the Revitalization of Undergraduate Education of NEPU (2020-2025) (discussion draft)" to give a detailed interpretation.

After the report, the conference was divided into ten discussion groups for a complete discussion. Delegates believe that the convening of this education conference is at the right time to strengthen the top-level design of the school's undergraduate education. "The Action Plan for the Revitalization of Undergraduate Education of NEPU (2020-2025) (discussion draft)" is very encouraging. The representatives reached a consensus on the action plan and put forward opinions and suggestions on the specific content and implementation.

During the exchange stage of the conference, the relevant persons who are in charge of the School of Earth Sciences, the School of Petroleum Engineering, the School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, the School of Economics and Management, the School of Marxism, and the School of Mathematics and Statistics respectively focused on keynote speeches that were about primary certification, integration of production and education, ideological and political education, and curriculum construction.

The conference commended 74 comrades who have won honors in education and teaching at or above the provincial level.

(Sun Mingxue and Jiang Minghu presented honorary souvenirs to the winning representatives)

Sun Mingxue made a speech at the conference. He pointed out that this education conference is another significant measure to implement the spirit of the Party Congress. It has sounded the clarion call for the revitalization of undergraduate education and will surely usher in a new era of school education. On behalf of the School Party Committee, he put forward three opinions on implementing the spirit of the conference and doing an excellent job in educating students:

1. Improve political positions and implement the "Three Fundamentals." It is necessary to implement the fundamental issue of "what kind of person does education cultivate", implement the essential task of "fostering virtue through education," and implement the absolute guarantee of "strengthening the Party's overall leadership."

2. Strengthen the "Four persistence", centering on running schools and educating people. It is necessary to focus on the fundamental problems of running schools and educating people, the bottleneck problems that restrict the development of schools, and the critical problems of achieving high-quality products. We should adhere to the "Take Undergraduate Education as the Foundation", stick to the talent priority development strategy, adhere to the development of oil fields, and educate people by Daqing Spirit.

3. Focus on the three main forces of "cadres, teachers, and students" and highlight the "Three Grasps and Three Promotion".

We must grasp leadership, promote management, grasp teachers, promote education, capture students, and encourage growth.

(Sun Mingxue made a speech)

Sun Mingxue emphasized that through solid work measures, a good and complete system, and a pragmatic and efficient team implementation, let "students be busy, teachers be strengthened, management be strict, and the effect be real." We should do everything possible to raise the quality of education, create the influence of NEPU, and raise the ranking of our university.

Sun Mingxue pointed out that the conference passed the "Northeast Petroleum University Undergraduate Education Revitalization Action Plan," clarifying the school's undergraduate education construction blueprint and task, released the NEPU's plan for undergraduate education, and opened a new chapter in quality NEPU. The majority of cadres and teachers should unite as one, seize the opportunity and do actual practice and solid work guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Under the correct leadership of the school's Party Committee. We should make undergraduate education excellent and extraordinary, make NEPU strong and bright, and provide a solid support for constructing a high-level centennial university with first-class undergraduate education!

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